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Stuck at Home? 

Many of you are at home a lot these days, and looking for ways to feel connected and hopeful about the world. I recommend . . . books! 

For teachers, parents, & kids: Read Alouds of some of my books 

Schooling at home? Use these Reader guides to help get the most from my books. 

Other ideas:

*Support your local bookstores or dive back into your own bookshelves.

 *Write your own poems and bind them into a handmade book. (Binding ideas here.)

*Spring is coming! Keep a nature journal.

What's New?

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Cover reveal for my next book, Hello, Earth! Poems to Our Planet!

We walk on Earth’s surface every day, but how often do we wonder about the incredible planet around us? From the molten cracks below to the shimmering moon above, Hello, Earth! explores the wonders of the natural world. This playful journey across our puzzle-piece continents does not hesitate to ask questions—even of the Earth itself! 

Joyce Sidman’s imaginative poems encourage boundless curiosity, and Miren Asiain Lora’s stunning paintings capture the beauty of Earth’s ecosystems, creatures, and powerhouse plants. The book concludes with extensive scientific material to foster further learning about how the earth works, from water cycles to plate tectonics to the origin of ocean tides.

A gorgeous, expansive celebration of science and art, Hello, Earth! is a book to cherish in whatever landscape you call home. 

This book will be out on February 9, 2021 from Eerdmans Books for Young Readers. Preorder it here.

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