Useful Links for The Girl Who Drew Butterflies


The Maria Merian Society 

An international group open to anyone interested in Merian studies. The site includes biographical and research information, as well as links to her works online.

A Pioneering Woman of Science Emerges” 

How Merian is being rediscovered, from the New York Times


“The Woman Who Made Science Beautiful”

An overview of Merian’s life from The Atlantic magazine

Smithsonian Libraries

Maria Merian’s Surinam images

Russian Academy of Sciences

Digital Archive of Maria Merian’s original watercolors. (This site is in Russian; to translate text, open in Google Chrome)

More Information About:

Caterpillars: Extensive list of caterpillars & butterflies images worldwide

Curiosity Cabinets: Images from 17th century collections

Copper Engraving: video demonstrating the engraving process

Labadists: A history of this religious movement


            National Geographic’s 3-D scans of pupae

            Real time video of a caterpillar turning into a pupa.

Paint & Pigments: Colors of Art, a website about paints  

Slavery: Description of life on sugar plantations from these sources: 

            Understanding Slavery Initiative (warning: graphic description)  

            The Abolition Project

Witch Trials: A list of major witch trials, 1428-1783

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