Reviews for Round

*Starred Review: Publisher's Weekly

"Having celebrated spiral shapes found in nature in Swirl by Swirl, Sidman offers a lovely contemplation of all things circular as Yoo (Strictly No Elephants) follows a child and her father through fields, to the shore, and beyond while they investigate the outside world. A round of applause for this one." 

*Starred Review: Booklist 

“Newbery Honor winner Sidman captures the perfection of the simplest of shapes in this poetic ode to roundness. A brown-haired girl informs readers she loves round things—loves to feel the smoothness and curves, and to watch round things grow or hatch . . . Each carefully written line of text shows readers how the mundane can become magical if you look closely.”

*Starred review: Kirkus

"Roundness abounds in Yoo’s mixed-media prints: there are oranges, spirals on a turtle’s shell, the black centers of sunflowers, the concentric rings of a stump. In two pages of backmatter, Sidman goes on to describe how roundness benefits seeds, eggs, and other living things. A serene invitation to see and to think about both shape and concept.

*Starred review: School Library Journal

"It’s amazing how one square little book can hold such a wealth of roundness." 

Horn Book

“”In this thought-provoking and lyrical ode . . . Sidman simply but eloquently describes why so many things in nature are round."

Books for the Curious Child

A wonderful way to share a shape and explore many aspects of nature. Gentle, nurturing, yet sciency-exciting."

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