“This poetic ode to roundness . . . captures the perfection of the simplest of shapes.” (Booklist, starred)

The world is bursting, swelling, 

budding, and ripening with ROUND things 

awaiting discovery:

eggs ready to hatch, 

sunflowers stretching toward the sun, 

planets slowly spinning together 

for billions of years.

Find out why this shape occurs in nature so often . . . 

and why we love it so much!

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School Library Journal Best Book of the Year

Kirkus Best Book of the Year

Huffington Post Best Book of the Year

San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of the Year

Eric Carle Museum Best of the Best 2017

Charlotte Zolotow Award Highly Commended Title

Bank Street Best Book of the Year

CCBC Choices Book

Denver Library Best & Brightest 

Minnesota Book Award Finalist

Junior Library Guild selection


*Publisher's Weekly: starred review 

"Having celebrated spiral shapes found in nature in Swirl by Swirl, Sidman offers a lovely contemplation of all things circular as Yoo (Strictly No Elephants) follows a child and her father through fields, to the shore, and beyond while they investigate the outside world. A round of applause for this one." 

*Booklist: starred review 

“Newbery Honor winner Sidman captures the perfection of the simplest of shapes in this poetic ode to roundness. A brown-haired girl informs readers she loves round things—loves to feel the smoothness and curves, and to watch round things grow or hatch . . . Each carefully written line of text shows readers how the mundane can become magical if you look closely.”

*Kirkus: starred review 

"Roundness abounds in Yoo’s mixed-media prints: there are oranges, spirals on a turtle’s shell, the black centers of sunflowers, the concentric rings of a stump. In two pages of backmatter, Sidman goes on to describe how roundness benefits seeds, eggs, and other living things. A serene invitation to see and to think about both shape and concept.

*School Library Journal: starred review

"It’s amazing how one square little book can hold such a wealth of roundness." 

Horn Book

”In this thought-provoking and lyrical ode . . . Sidman simply but eloquently describes why so many things in nature are round."

Books for the Curious Child

A wonderful way to share a shape and explore many aspects of nature. Gentle, nurturing, yet sciency-exciting."

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