Reviews for Red Sings from Treetops

by Joyce Sidman

illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski

*Horn Book (starred review)

"A poet known for multilayered explorations of nature rejoices here in the way colors, and how we perceive them, change with the seasons . . .[with] the playfulness of the text and its sense of awe, mystery, and beauty."


New York Times

"Joyce Sidman’s language is vivid and deft . . . [it] draws mystery and magic around the most familiar scenes."


*Kirkus (starred review)

"This whimsical color calendar sparkles with creativity."


*Bulletin (starred review)

"Talented poet Sidman fluidly moves from image to image, wittily personifying colors . . . the book has a freshness and visual impact all its own, and it will inspire a rainbow of uses."


*Booklist (starred review)

"Succeeding seasons offer . . . opportunities for the colors to spread their particular magic . . . .  And as the title implies, the colors that surprise on every page do sing."

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