Reviews for Just Us Two: Poems About Animal Dads

Children's Literature

"Good father-child bonding books are rarer than hens' teeth, but Sidman and Swan pull it off with this charming offering. Joyce Sidman's poems are humorous, meaty, and adventurous in their construction from free-form to haiku, while Susan Swan's cut-paper illustrations swim and hop off the page in busy colors. All that's missing is bedtime and Dad's strong arm around small shoulders."

Children's Book Council

"A wonderful exploration of the relatively unknown habits of animal dads. The order of the poems is dictated by successive stages of childhood  and capture the voices of each animal perfectly, making this a perfect book for the classroom, bedtime, or anytime!"

School Library Journal

"The layering of boldly colored, textured, hand-painted paper gives the illustrations a three-dimensional look. The results are dramatic."

Kirkus Reviews

"Poems about a dozen unusual animal dads are exuberantly illustrated with cut-paper collages. . . Animal lovers will enjoy these animal oddities, which seem surprisingly human in their behavior . . . Poems have a bouncy appeal  . . . sliding, jumping, swimming, and swinging across the page."

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