Just Us Two: Poems About Animal Dads

by Joyce Sidman

Illustrated by Susan Swan

What delight

to swim along the oozy, snoozy Nile

to swing my tail from side to side,

stretch my POP-UP eyeballs wide,

dunk and splash and dive and glide

along the oozy, snoozy,

deep and cruisy Nile . . .

Dive and wriggle and swoop with animal dads as they care for their young!  Capturing the voices of penguins to giant water bugs, monkeys to crocodiles, this book is exuberantly illustrated with brilliant cut-paper collage. It includes photos and nonfiction notes about each animal.

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Children's Literature 2001 Choice List

CBC Showcase Book

Infolink Best Book of the Year 2000

How this book began . . .

Animal books were always favorites in our household. While looking at them with my young sons, I read a lot about animal moms . . . but not much about dads. Yet intriguing facts slipped through once in a while (fish fathers that kept their eggs in their mouths? Penguin dads that went two months without eating??), and I decided to investigate. What I found was a whole world of furry, feathery and scaly fathers that do extraordinary things to protect their young.  

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