Reviews for Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night

*Horn Book (starred review)

"From the opening poem, "To all of you who crawl and creep, / who buzz and  chirp and hoot and peep, / who wake at dusk and throw off sleep: / Welcome to the night," Sidman celebrates the world that comes alive after dark."


*Bulletin (starred review)

"This new volume teams a dozen Sidman poems about nocturnally active organisms from raccoons to snails to mushrooms with the work of artist Allen, who offers a sequence of gouache-tinted linocut prints follows the night from sunset's crepuscular tones into the dark of small hours and through until dawn, with the moon moving across the sky overhead."


*Booklist (starred review)

"This picture book combines lyrical poetry and compelling art with science concepts. ”


*Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

"Spiders offer advice, porcupettes pirouette, and the moon laments the dawn, all illuminated by debut talent Allen's detailed yet moody prints, which  encapsulate the mysteries and magic of the midnight hours . . . In Sidman's delicious poems, darkness is the norm, and there's nothing to fear but the rising sun."

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