Robin Journal, Pt. 6

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Well, I felt sad, and went to take a picture of the empty nest for this journal. To my utter shock, there were two nestlings still in the nest! They were huddled way down with a we-aren't-ready-to-leave-yet look (one is kind of on top of the other).

The parents were nowhere in sight. I had to leave for an appointment, and I worried about those babies the whole time I was gone. When I returned, they were still there and STILL no sign of a parent. Had Mama Robin forgotten them? Would they wait there until they starved? Should I "help" them out of the nest so at least they could fend for themselves?

We had some raw meat in the house, so I cut off some tiny pieces in a worm-like shape and carefully dropped them in the nest.  Later, the pieces were gone. Then, THANK GOODNESS I saw the Mama Robin on the fence with something in her mouth. I didn't see her at the nest, though. Will she continue to take care of them? Will they live to hop another day?  This is extremely nerve wracking . . .

Day 28 (babies 13 days old)

Well, hallelujiah! Mama came back to feed the two stragglers yesterday afternoon, so I stopped worrying. She was quite attentive, and the two babies were fine last night and first thing this morning.  

At some point during the morning, the third baby must have fledged, because when I went out at noontime, there was only one left. He was out of the nest, nestled among the plant stems, looking as though he were gathering courage to parachute. 

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Sure enough, a few minutes later, he jumped clucking from the nest and hopped into my garden. This photo is a little blurred because he was moving! Look at those long legs.

Both Mama and Papa were on hand to guard his first steps, and soon he was hopping across the lawn.

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So, the nest is finally empty. Frankly, I need a rest from all this drama. Of course, for these four fledglings, the drama is only beginning. Here's hoping that they all thrive, eat lots of yummy grubs, migrate to some pleasant spot this winter, and return to our yard.  

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The hanging plants will be waiting for them.  By the way, here are the petunias, post-robins. Amazingly enough, they're still blooming.

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Over and out from Robinland.

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