Ice Secrets

The deep November cold has turned the lakes to burnished silver.  Without a topping of snow, the ice is translucent and mysterious . . . and also, at 3” thick, very walkable. This afternoon, I gingerly stepped onto the bumps and bubbles of this new frozen territory, exploring all that had been captured unawares: oak leaves and lily stems, cattails and goldenrod fluff. As I ventured out further from shore, the ice began singing to me in its odd, whale-like tones. Welcome back, it seemed to say, after the long summer.

IMG 2647

Horizontal layers: trees, cattails, ice

IMG 2648

Ice swales

IMG 2641

Crack showing ice depth

IMG 2649

Deep bubbles

IMG 2644

Oak leaf on ice

IMG 2652

Frozen waterlily

IMG 2646

Pond weed pad thai

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