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Q. Where were you born & raised?

A.  I was born in Connecticut and lived there my whole childhood. I went to college there, too, at Wesleyan University in Middletown. After that, I lived many different places and finally settled in Minnesota.


Q.  What was your family like?

A.  I am the middle sister of three, and although we each had our own interests, we played together and got into scrapes together. I distinctly remember us venturing into a marsh near our house (despite being strictly forbidden to do so) and coming home with sneakers full of mud. We spent summers at a wonderful camp in Maine, where we were outdoors all the time. My parents really believed in books and education, so we all worked pretty hard in school. 


Q. What were you like as a child?

A.  I loved being outside. I loved my friends. I loved writing and drawing and reading and singing and play-acting. I loved school and most of my teachers, although I sometimes talked too much and got sent out in the hall. I loved candy, and would carefully plan clandestine bike rides to the drug store to buy it.


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