FAQs, pt. 2


Q.  How did you start writing?

A.  Words came into my head, and I wrote them down. This began in grade school. Later, I kept journals (still have most of 'em). From early on, I felt compelled to write.  I think a lot of writers are like this. Writing helps us understand the world; we'd be lost without it. I got interested in writing for children after I had my two sons and read them wonderful books every day.

Q.  Where do you get your ideas?

A.  I firmly believe (lecture coming . . .) that everyone needs "pondering time." Time alone, without noise and distraction. This is when ideas come--when things sort themselves out, when you see visions and solutions.  Not just for writing, but for life. My pondering time happens during walks in the woods, where I watch the seasons change and let my thoughts wander. The natural world sustains and inspires me. I could never live in a city for long.


Q.  Why do you write poetry?

A. I discovered poetry in high school, encouraged by a sympathetic teacher. Poetry is so vivid and sleek--like a racecar.  No extra words. I love using image and metaphor; it's such a powerful way of explaining your thoughts and feelings (as in poetry=racecar). Poetry comes naturally to me. Storytelling is not so easy for me, though I hope some day to successfully write a novel.


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