Useful Links for Further Study

Tree of Life Web Project

A Web-based research tool created by collaborative biologists around the world and hosted by the University of Arizona.

Encyclopedia of Life

Collaborative scientific initiative to build a Web page for every single species on earth.  Uses multimedia information, including podcasts.

More Information About:

Bacteria: What Are Bacteria? from Live Science

Mollusks: The Oceanic Research Group, producer of educational films

Lichens: More about lichens than you can ever hope to know!

Sharks: Cool shark research & photos from shark scientist Dr. Neil Hammerschlag at the University of Miami.

BeetlesBeetlemania at

Diatoms: University of California at Berkeley's page

GeckosIncredible gecko photographs taken by Dr. Kellar Autumn's lab.

Ants: AntWeb, a resource for students and scientists alike.

Grass:  Wikipedia has a wonderful, well-researched page about grasses.

Squirrels: Join Project Squirrel at Cornell University and help scientists learn more.

Crows: The people at are serious about crows!

Dandelions:  Fun facts, stories, and myths about dandelions.

Coyotes: Jonathan Way's coyote website

Human Evolution: The Institute of Human Origins website

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