Useful Links about Inventors

(Courtesy of the Science Museum of Minnesota)

Smithsonian Institution: Inventions and Innovators

Begin by investigating links to some fascinating inventions, then step out on your own into the Smithsonian's huge Encyclopedia.

Invention at Play: Playhouse

Test your problem solving skills by inventing solutions to games such as "Puzzle Blocks" and "Tinker Ball". A fun, kid-oriented web site!

Inventors About

This web site really takes you into the world of inventions! Click on the A-Z lists for stories about hundreds of inventors and inventions.


CyberLibrary's incredible list of inventors and inventions.

African American Inventors Curriculum

The African American Inventors Curriculum from The Ohio State University is designed to encourage 4th through 8th grade youth.

USA People Search

A list of prominent inventors with links to articles about them (thanks to middle school social studies teacher Stephanie Harris for this suggestion!).

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