Winter Camouflage

We’ve had a mild, gray winter here so far, but there have been some interesting patterns and colors to be discovered, like these frost lines on the porch window . . . 


. . . and the occasional flash of a pileated woodpecker:


 The surprising beauty of a paper wasp nest . . .

wasp nest2

. . . and the loveliness of a blue winter dusk:

Watson loves following deer tracks and just generally sticking his nose into the snow:

Wats in cattails

But this time of year, the whole forest is brown and white, just like he is—so I often lose track of him, and can’t spot him until he moves. Can you find him in the photo below?


Another slick piece of camouflage I found the other day was this cecropia moth cocoon on a buckthorn tree:


Looks just like a dead leaf, doesn’t it? But I can tell by the little hole on its left side that last spring, a gorgeous moth (like the one below, from my Cecropia Watch blog)) crawled out of it and flew away:


Amazing to think what else might be out there in the winter woods, hiding in plain sight. Who knows what I’ll find tomorrow?

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