Windy with a Chance of Acorns

As a native New Englander, I have always loved maples the best of all trees. I love the friendly hand-like leaf, the beautiful scarlet fall color. And the syrup!  

But now that I've lived in the Midwest for years and years, I am growing very partial to oaks. They are huge and leafy in summer, they have lovely russet fall color, and their gnarled winter silhouettes look like something a wizard dreamed up. And let's not forget acorns: those adorable little dollops of brown. On a clear windy fall day like today, I hear them bulleting down around me--thup-thup-thup--as I stride along in the woods. I flinch, the dog shies, then I laugh at both of us.  

While doing research for the oak poem in Dark Emperor, I discovered that there are three kinds of oak trees in the Big Woods near my home: white, red, and burr. Today I gathered up some of each to show you:

IMG 2154

These are Red Oak leaves, with plump round acorns. You can always tell red oak leaves, because they have pointy ends, like a flame. Flame=red.  (Note dog paw in corner of photo. He is waiting for permission to chew everything up.)

IMG 2156

Here are some Burr Oak leaves, with elongated brown acorns. Burr oak leaves have less-pronounced lobes, and their acorns have cute furry caps (see below).

IMG 2160

Cute furry burr oak acorn caps.

white acorncrop

White Oak leaves: lots of long, rounded lobes. I personally think them the most handsome of oak leaves. And cheerful glossy brown acorns. A couple of them looked as if they'd begun to sprout, so they must have been on the ground for a while.

I'll be back in January with some spooky oak-branch-against-the-sky photos.

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