Stark Beauty

Winter has been too gloomy and/or extreme to bring my camera out walking lately. But today I was heartened by that special low winter light, pastel and luminous. 

Also, my niece had given me a hand-knitted pair of fingerless gloves, which would warm my hands while allowing me to manipulate the camera in five degree temps:

IMG 3767 2

As usual, I like getting up close to things. 

frost ferns

The stream had just frozen a few days before, and frost ferns bloomed at its edges.

fox track

Out on the lake, the snow squealed beneath my feet. I followed some fox tracks. 

And investigated the beaver lodge.

beaver lodge

Wind had sculpted the lake surface . . .


 . . . and blown snow into cracks. 

ice cracks

The lake boomed as thick plates of ice shifted somewhere beneath me. 


On the way back, I found two things. A stray leaf . . .

deer hoof

. . . and a deer hoof buried in the snowbank. A stark and beautiful time, winter.

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