Life at Full Shriek

The house finches have been cheeping and twittering around my front porch for days, so I knew it was inevitable: my hanging geraniums have been once again co-opted by nesting birds. The first time this happened (robins) was terribly exciting, and I would certainly welcome robins again, but I've had finches before, and frankly, they're a little, well . . . messy.  And loud. One would think nesting birds would want to tone down the chirps while building a nest, but not finches. They are a gregarious sort. And while robins neatly clean up after their young, finches let the droppings fling where they may.

This is also the time of year when weeds begin to crop up in every square inch of every plot of bare garden soil--and my flower pots as well, since I use recycled compost. So . . . I like cherry tomatoes growing in my garden, but not in my flower pots.  

Life.  It's loud. It's messy. And I love watching it.


House finch nest


A pair of house finches  (photo from National Park Service)

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