Green Shadows

Do you have seasonal amnesia? I do. I forget many of the particular sights, smells and sounds of each season until they are upon me. A month ago I was wild for spring sunshine and warmth. Now I am seeking out the dark green shade of summer. I guess I should be happy that this allows me to enjoy each season as if it were the first!

The other day I went out with a new camera and inadvertently set the exposure value very low. All my photos came out dark, dark, dark. Of course, I lightened them up with iPhoto, but they are still have a mysterious air to them—like the dappled green shadows under a leafy tree in summer. Who could ever remember green shadows in winter? Not me. But I savor them now.

wild iris

Wild iris by the pond


Dew on the daylilies


Wild grapes, still unripe


Cow parsnip (I think)


Tree frog

peony flip

Peony in its glory, before the windstorm

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