Dog Snow Love


Watson loves winter. He loves the cold air. He loves the frozen expanses of lakes. He loves discovering old goose nests and muskrat lodges (and rolling in them). He loves the SNOW. 

IMG 5059

We’ve had a LOT of snow this winter. As we headed out in the midst of yet another snowstorm, Watson had to wade through shoulder-high drifts to chase his stick. 

IMG 5072

He always brings the stick back to me to throw again, but lately he has been delaying a bit, combining his two loves (stick + snow) into a game. It’s highly entertaining to watch him at it. Here are the steps:

1.  I throw the stick.

2.  He dives through the snow to pounce on it.

3.  He mouths it a bit and digs around it furiously.

4.  Then he positions it crossways, thrusts his nose underneath it . . .

5.  . . . flips it up into the air . . .

6.  . . . and catches it!

The day of the snowstorm, I finally captured it on film.  What you don’t see here are the multiple times he tries and fails: the stick won’t flip up high enough, or he doesn’t catch it, or he just can’t get it in the right position.  He keeps trying until he nails the perfect flip & catch.  Because, really, once you’ve done it, how can you be satisfied with anything less—in the midst of a snowstorm, in the absolute best season of the year?

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