Bees & Other Buzzers

Hail to the pollinators, who are out in force right now! Due to a host of problems like Colony Collapse Disorder and neonicotinoid exposure, honeybees are having a tough year. But other small buzzers abound. On any given day, I can park myself next to the coneflowers or sedum and just wait. Soon a bumblebee caroms in, scrabbling from bloom to bloom. Its tinier cousin bees hover like fleet fairies, almost silent. Wasps and  butterflies sweep by, trailing pollen. And the occasional beetle scuttles sideways as I approach with camera. I bow to them, who perpetuate the brilliance of summer.

twin bumbles

Twin bumbles on coneflower.

tattered wings

Bumblebee, wings battered by flight.


Hoverfly, or “sweat bee”.

metallic green bee

Metallic green bee on sedum.

great black

Great black wasp on swamp milkweed.

yellow beetle

Flea beetle on cucumber vine.


Fuzzy photo of a hovering sphinx moth on bee balm.


Tiger swallowtail on zinnia.

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